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This Episode Has Subliminal Messages

On this installment of Reasonably Sound, Mike Rugnetta covers subliminal messages and their (lack of) effectiveness with help from BrainCraft’s Vanessa Hill.  Chandler Bing is referenced.


  • Permanently Liminal by Menace Ruin
  • Please Be Patient With Me by Wilco
  • Nothing by Daniel Romano


  • Is there an effect of subliminal messages in music on choice behavior? by Hauke Egermann, Reinhard Kopiez, Christoph Reuter.Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis Vol. 4, No. 2
  • Subliminal Auditory Messages: An Evaluation by Philip M. Merikle. Psychology & Marketing Vol. 5(4): 355-372 (Winter 1988)
  • Subliminal speech perception and auditory streaming by Emmanuel Dupoux *, Vincent de Gardelle, Sid Kouider. doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2008.06.012
  • The Electronic Revolution by William Burroughs
  • The Influence of Auditory Subliminals on Behavior: A Series of Investigations by Myra J. Staum Melissa Brotons. Journal of Music Therapy, XXIX (3), 1992, 130-185

Joe Hanson on Animals, Sound, and Semiotics

When an animal makes a sound, does that sound have meaning?  Mike talks to Dr. Joe Hanson, a biology expert and curator/host of It’s Okay To Be Smart, about how male Pacific humpback whales woo female Pacific humpback whales, and you’ll get a glimpse into the world of animals, sound, and semiotics.  You might even hear them make whale noises … Mike and Joe, that is, not the actual whales.  Plus special cameos by “Wonderwall” and “The Fox.”

PD episode image: Dolphin – Bottlenose, NPSPhoto, 2001 by Everglades NPS http://bit.ly/2F0ObDh

Sound as a Weapon

Mike Rugnetta and Atlas Obscura‘s Dylan Thuras have a fascinating discussion on the use of sound in war and at what point sound becomes a weapon.  Among the topics covered:

  • World War I “sound mirrors” (giant concrete parabolas that ineffectively tracked incoming planes)
  • Project Disperse
  • The Mosquito
  • “Tunnel chicken”
  • LRAD
  • So-called “less than lethal” technology
  • Humankind’s unintentional sound war on the animal population

PD Episode Image via defense.gov: http://bit.ly/2EadRME