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The Drop

That part in dance music, where the music builds and builds and builds and BUILDS before the tension finally, FINALLY, gets relieved?  That’s “the drop.”  Mike talks about its origin, construction, and application, and tells you what P.L.U.R. means.

(Note: This is almost definitely the first mention of “foam parties” on Infinite Guest.)

Intro: Rhythm Variation 02 by Aoki Takamasa RV8
Break #1: Not Butter byDillon Francis
Break #2: Boss Mode by Knife party
Break #2: Summertime Sadness by LDR, Cedric Gervais Remix

Stefan Sagmeister on Storytellers (VIDEO)
Waiting for the Bass to Drop” by Ragnhild Torvanger Solberg
Detecting Drops in Electronic Dance Music” by Yadati, et al
The Year in Black Erasure on Pitchfork
Metaphors We Live By on

Episode Image: Lansing Iconic Speaker


Molly’s Misophonia

Misophonia is, literally, “the hatred of sound.”  Molly Templeton has it, and talks to Mike about the noises that trigger it.


  • “Misophonia: Diagnostic Criteria for a New Psychiatric Disorder” by Arjan Schröder, Nienke Vulink, Damiaan Denys. PLOSOne.
  • “Decreased Sound Tolerance and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy” by Margaret M. Jastreboff AND Pawel J. Jastreboff. The Australian And New Zealnd Journal Of Audiology, Vol 24 #2. Nov. 2002 pp. 74-84
  • “Misophonia: Incidence, Phenomenology, and Clinical Correlates in an Undergraduate Student Sample” by Monica S. Wu, Adam B. Lewin, Tanya K. Murphy, and Eric A. Storch. Journal Of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 70(10), 994–1007 (2014)
  • “Misophonia: An Overview” by Diane F. Duddy, Au.D. and Kristi A.M. Oeding, Au.D. Seminars In Hearing/Volume 35, # 2 2014


  • Intro: Is That Revolution Sad? by Contemporary Noise Sextet from The Wire Tapper Volume 26
  • Break #1: Small Talk Stinks by Bauhaus from In The Flat Field
  • Outro: The Longest Distance by Talkboy Arcade from Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2


PD Episode Image: diner fork вилка by FoodImage

Play It For All It’s Worth

How much is a song worth?  How do you even calculate it?  And what do DJ Shadow, Tom Waits, and the Wu-Tang Clan have to do with it?  Mike Rugnetta answers these and other questions.


Intro: Talking about Money by Wye Oak. From The Knot.
Break #1 – Building Steam… by DJ Shadow. From Endtroducing.
Break #2 – C.R.E.A.M. by The Wu-Tang Clan. From Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).


The Spotify Calculator
That Chevy Ad with the DJ Shadow track
Tom Waits on musicians allowing their work to be used in commercials
Tom Waits: Not a Jingle Writer
NYT CD Cost Breakdown
Wal•Mart Wants $10 CDs
How Much Do Artists Earn Online – 2012
The New Economy of the Music Industry
Zoë Keatings 2013 Earnings
The Wu – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

PD Episode Image: Cash Money by Andy Thrasher