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RM02: A Reasonably Sound Mission Statement


“Ruminations” (RM) are short[-er] episodes, lightly edited, on topics nonetheless worth discussing.

In this Rumination, I talk for a few minutes about what I want to try to do with Reasonably Sound, and why I think sound is interesting and important.

Double Extra Super THANKS to all of Reasonably Sound’s Patrons, who help keep the show afloat. Special shoutout to Andrew Carlos, Anthony Kirkpatrick, Brandon, Camilla Greer, Chelsea Whyte, Coral Kennelty-Cohen, Dale Jakes, Dylan Teague, Elliott, Ethan Hermer, Hans Buetow, Ildaris, Jesse Gamble, Joachim, Joe Krushinsky, John Cifuentes, Jonny C, Kings Ransom, Kyle Adkins, Liz M, Mahlen Morris, Rachaul Paul, Royce Rackham, Scott, Susan Rugnetta, Tim, Tod Kurt, and Xander C

Music by Will Stratton
Visual Design by Tida Tep