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On The Road with Mike Rugnetta

It’s a Thanksgiving travelogue with Mike Rugnetta, who, like a bazillion other people, is on the road for the holiday.  Mike is interested in the in-transit audio we experience in our travels.  He provides a stream-of-consciousness monologue from the car, the airport, the jet, and the hotel room, along with the incidental noises that accompany them.

Show Notes!

Music: “Travelstar” by Adderall Canyonly

Link: The Vlogbrothers’ Thoughts from Places

Episode Image from my IG:


(Label not included with oboe purchase)

A440 is not a steak sauce, nor is it a tax form.  Rather, A440 hz is the standard tuning for musical pitch.  Why is that?  The reasons include, but are not limited to: The oboe, church versus secular music, and the difficulty of France.  Mike Rugnetta explains.

Special Thanks to Nicole He and Proprietous for their help with oboe details.

The music used in this episode of Reasonably Sound is (in order of appearance):

– Walking (In Tune), Rene Hell

– Swan Lake, Swan Theme, Tchaikovsky

– Polovtsian Dances, Borodin

– Piano Sonata 15, Beethoven (Digression Music)

– Peer Gynt: Morning Mood, Grieg

– Die liederliche Gesellschaft von allerley Humor: Allegro – Battalia a 10, Biber


– History of Performing Pitch: The Story of “A” by Bruce Haynes

– A=432hz: On the Proper Concert Pitch and a New Standardization of Tempo by Brendan Bombaci

– Why does the orchestra always tune to the oboe?

– ISO 16:1975

– Why is A4 the standard pitch reference for tuning?

– Why are orchestras tuned differently?


CC-BY-SA Episode Image Source: Oboe from Wiki Commons:

CC-BY-SA licensed Episode image available here.