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What Does the Universe Sound Like?

Mike explains how pigeon-lovers Arno Penzius and Robert Wilson found evidence to prove the Big Bang.  Find out about hisses, #starstuff, photons, poop, and more to get a full picture of what the universe actually sounds like.


Episode Music

Intro Music: Cosmos, Zu & Eugene Chadbourne, The Zu Side of the Chadbourne

Break #1: Ultime Cosmos, Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot, Ultime Cosmos

Break #2: Three Modal Pieces: A Cosmos, Laurie Spiegel , Obsolete Systems

Break #3: Another Space Song, Failure, Fantastic Planet


Universe Sounds

Big Bang Hiss

Dawn Chorus

Black hole

Sound of the Big Bang


You Can Still Hear the Hiss of the Big Bang

Listen to A Black Hole

Listening to the Big Bang – in high fidelity

Black Hole Sound Waves

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1978

Sounds of Space: New ‘Chorus’ Recording By RBSP’s EMFISIS Instrument

Nobel-prize winning accidents

Big Hiss Missed by Others

The Sound of the Big Bang

Interpreting the ‘Song’ Of a Distant Black Hole

The Sound of the Big Bang – Planck Version (2013)

NASA Posts a Huge Library of Space Sounds, And You’re Free To Use Them


PD Episode Image:  Holmdel horn antenna

Active Listening, Eavesdropping, and Surveillance

Mike asks, “When I am actively listening to a conversation that I am not involved in, am I not eavesdropping and is eavesdropping not at least somehow a subclass of surveillance activities?”  You’ll hear Mike navigate the streets, subways, and pizza shops of NYC and wonder whether listening to this episode makes you an active listener, eavesdropper, surveillant, all, none, and more importantly, whether or not that is okay…you decide.  Then hear Mike ponder whether the presence of a microphone and/or a recorder can make you hear differently.

CC-BY-SA Episode Image: 1/4” magnetic tape by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt

Download CC-BY-SA licensed episode image edit here