What 2014 Sounded Like

Mike Rugnetta wants you to know what his 2014 sounded like.  Get ready to hear audio from all of his Instagram videos from 2014, songs from his favorite records purchased this year, and a sonic interpretation of his Google calendar.  Yup.

And, his big realization of 2014: more people will make eye contact with you when you wear headphones in public.

On The Road with Mike Rugnetta

It’s a Thanksgiving travelogue with Mike Rugnetta, who, like a bazillion other people, is on the road for the holiday.  Mike is interested in the in-transit audio we experience in our travels.  He provides a stream-of-consciousness monologue from the car, the airport, the jet, and the hotel room, along with the incidental noises that accompany them.

Show Notes!

Music: “Travelstar” by Adderall Canyonly

Link: The Vlogbrothers’ Thoughts from Places

Episode Image from my IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/6FqNQOv4vp/?taken-by=mikerugnetta