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What Did 2016 Sound Like?

It’s the end of 2016, so we’ll do the thing one tends to do around this time of year: look back. In this episode, a few bits of audio revelry from the End of 2014 episode return, you can get some insight into what kinds of things I was trying to make for Reasonably Sound when Reasonably Sound wasn’t allowed to make anything, and I share some stories about a few musicians, performers and composers that died this year.
Double extra super THANKS to all of Reasonably Sound’s Patrons, who help keep the show afloat. Special shoutout to Allie Cunningham, Andy McMillan, Anthony Kirkpatrick, Brandon, Camilla Greer, Chelsea Whyte, Coral Kennelty-Cohen, Dale Jakes, Elliott, Ethan Hermer, Hans Beutow, Liz M, Ildaris, Jesse Gamble, Joachim, Joe Krushinsky, John Cifuentes, Jonny C, Kings Ransom, Kyle Adkins, Mahlen Morris, Rachaul Paul, Royce Rackham, Scott, Susan Rugnetta, Talia F E, Tim, Tod Kurt and Xander C
Reasonably Sound’s music is by Will Stratton.
Its visual design is by Tida Tep.
Special thanks to John Hill for suggesting I keep it up with the End of the Year Specials