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Helpful Mom Voices

On the pursuit of making machines talk, and the quality of digital assistants’ voices.





  • Are Consumers More Responsive to Male or Female Voices? – http://bit.ly/2sZHCin
  • Can Computer-Generated Speech Have Gender? An Experimental Test of Gender Stereotype – http://bit.ly/2t06BlJ
  • Gendered Voice and Robot Entities: Perceptions and Reactions of Male and Female Subjects – http://bit.ly/2sYBJSS [PDF]
  • How Do You Say ‘Hello’? Personality Impressions from Brief Novel Voices – http://bit.ly/2t06E0T
  • Implications of Using Male and Female Voices in Commercials: An Exploratory Study – http://bit.ly/2sWybAp
  • Making Social Robots More Attractive: The Effects of Voice Pitch, Humor and Empathy – http://bit.ly/2t06J4H
  • The influence of voice pitch on perceptions of trustworthiness across social contexts – http://bit.ly/2sVQfL3
  • The Materiality of the Digital and the Gendered Voice of Siri – http://bit.ly/2sWyew5 [PDF]
  • The speaker/gender effect: does the speaker’s gender matter when presenting auditory text in multimedia messages? – http://bit.ly/2sVT275
  • Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the Human ­Computer Relationship – http://bit.ly/2sWyhYN



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