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Acoustic Body

Cover image by Jeffrey Montes on flickr

It’s the stethoscope and the sampler as Mike leads us through “the alien nature of [our] own interiors.” In this journey into the sounds of the body, he explores the work of corporeal sonification as music, as well the history and meaning of sounds in medicine.

There are lots of sound puns that are sure to resonate (HA!), and the pleasure of hearing Mike work his way through European names of the 19th century. Also the word “auscultation.”

Intro/Outro: My Body by Perfume Genius from Too Bright
Break 1: Suddenly by Herbert from Bodily Functions
Break 2: Lipostudio by Matmos from A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure

And a Special Thanks to these Reasonably Sound Patrons: Hans Buetow, Xander C, Talia F E, Camilla Greer, Parker Higgins, Joe Krushinski, Tod Kurt and Ethan Rose!

Joe Hanson on Animals, Sound, and Semiotics

When an animal makes a sound, does that sound have meaning?  Mike talks to Dr. Joe Hanson, a biology expert and curator/host of It’s Okay To Be Smart, about how male Pacific humpback whales woo female Pacific humpback whales, and you’ll get a glimpse into the world of animals, sound, and semiotics.  You might even hear them make whale noises … Mike and Joe, that is, not the actual whales.  Plus special cameos by “Wonderwall” and “The Fox.”

PD episode image: Dolphin – Bottlenose, NPSPhoto, 2001 by Everglades NPS http://bit.ly/2F0ObDh