RS039 – Automated Copywrongs: Extras

• Audio Extra: Full Parker Interview

• Audio Extra: “Perceptual Technics”

This felt like a big thesis to just sorta… throw in to the episode and move on from. It was originally around the spot where, in the final version of the episode, we listen to some spacey music (which is actually a super slowed down version of Nookie with lots of spectral blurring) and think about what it means for machines to “listen”.

Felt to me like, if I was gonna include this, I should probably make the whole back end of the episode about what this means for “listening” and music and art and perception and … *waves hands around* …. but I wanted to talk more practically about actually potential copyright futures and NOT have a 45 minute episode. So it got cut.


• Two zips, one mp3 and one wav, of all the clips and sound effects used in and made for Episode 39: