Shopworn Sound Effects

Mike takes you on a tour of the most commonly heard sound effects.  And fair warning, when you hear them on this episode, you’ll start hearing them EVERYWHERE.  Plus, Mike tells you why sides of beef and planks of wood were integral to the making of the Rocky movies.

Show Notes


Wilhelms Scream – James Blake
Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz – Mr. Bungle
Colony – Mason Android Park
Tracks (Tall Bodies) – Chelsea Wolf


Audio-Vision by Michel Chion
In Search of a Concrete Music by Pierre Schaeffer
The Wilhelm Scream by Elena Passarello
10 Ridiculously Overused Movie Sound Effects

The Creaky Gate

What is this sound effect I keep hearing?
Stock Sound Effects on TV Tropes
Where Else Have I Heard That?

Police Dispatcher

Why do movies & TV use this police radio clip over and over?
Stock Sounds: Police Station from SimCity 3000

The Diddy Laugh

Diddy Kong Racing Intro
Steve Pagets Diddy Laugh YouTube Playlist
Steve Paget’s Diddy Laugh Blog

The Wilhelm Scream

Wilhelm – YouTube
Where Did the Wilhelm Scream Come From and Why Do So Many Filmmakers Use It?
Hollywood Lost and Found
Way, Way, Way Too Many Wilhelm Screams

Castle Thunder

Castle Thunder Compilation on YouTube
Hollywood Lost and Found
Castle Thunder Wikipedia
Frankenstein (1931) Wikipedia

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